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Student Work by James Cavender

CSU/UC Transfer Courses:

Courses identified in this catalog as transferable to the University of California are acceptable at all UC campuses at least for elective credit.

Likewise, courses identified as transferable to the California State University are acceptable to all CSU campuses, at least for elective credit.

To determine if individual courses also satisfy particular major or general education requirements, students should consult a Golden West College Counselor.

Courses that are non-credit or not associate degree applicable are designated as such at the end of the course description. Courses with no designation apply toward the 60 units of credit required for the Associate Degree (AA).

Repeatable Class Information:

You may not enroll in a class in which you received a grade of "C" or higher or "CR" unless the class is designated as repeatable as follows:

A-B: May be taken twice (2)
A-C: May be taken three times (3)
A-D: May be taken four times (4)

Example: Art 179A-D Prepress may be taken four (4) times because it has a A-D designation. Art 101 Business of Art may only be taken once (1) because it has no letter designation.

Credit/No Credit:

These grading symbols are used in two types of courses:

1. Optional credit/no credit or grade classes. In these courses, students will elect to receive either a traditional letter grade of "A" through "F", or Credit/Non-Credit for the course. This choice must be made within the first four (4) weeks of the fall and spring semesters, the first two (2) weeks of the summer session, and within 30% of the course in short-term courses.

2. Courses wherein all students are evaluated on a "Credit/ Non-Credit" basis:
NOTE:  In classes graded on this basis, students are held to attendance regulations and academic standards expected in the standard graded courses.

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